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SINGAPORE – Regular exposure to key industry events and exhibitions has always been a priority for Raffles Singapore, and when Cartier rolled into town for their special Étourdissan exhibition, it was the perfect inspirational opportunity for our budding Raffles Jewellery Designers to get an eye-opening glimpse into the world of high-end jewellery.

Specially presented by Cartier in commemoration of Singapore’s 50th anniversary, it was the first time ever that the marquee French house had opened its doors to the general public, for a full public exhibition of its contemporary high jewellery collections.

Featuring over 600 pieces of high jewellery and other exquisite showcases, Cartier’s passion for art and unique approach towards artisanship were immensely beneficial inspirations for our latest batch of budding jewellery designers.

Sandra FIE, Raffles Creative Practitioner shared, “The exposure to high-end quality commercial jewellery has been extremely impactful for our students. Their learning is enhanced tremendously through a first-person understanding of some of the types of stones and settings used, alongside the amazing craftsmanship from such a famous design house.”

“In particular, the sheer value of the stones used by Cartier were real eye-openers for our students, from 26 carat round diamonds to 45 carat emeralds just to name a couple, these are not stones typically seen at the jewellery boutique,” she added.