Bustling Fashion Store

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Singapore – From fashion accessories to apparel and shades to semi-permanent tattoos, Raffles Singapore‘s concierge was enlivened with a bustling Fashion Pop Up Store organised by Raffles Fashion Marketers in March 2015.

As part of the curriculum, four groups of Raffles Fashion Marketers were tasked to curate a range of products suitable for customers aged 18 to 25 years old. Using their knowledge gained from the programme, they must source for the correct merchandise for the specific target market. Through this full-day event, they have learnt the entire process of the supply chain management – from procuring merchandise across different countries like Japan, Korea, Indonesia and Hong Kong, to setting up of their stores using visual merchandising techniques, marketing and positioning of their brands, and selling their products to the customers.

“Our store was inspired by the current trends of charms by famous designers from Fendi and Louis Vuitton, and well-known celebrities wearing tattoos. This project was fun and practical as I have learnt to source for these unique products from Indonesia and how to maximise our profits.” said Raffles Fashion Marketer Teddy Thu.

Raffles Fashion Marketers were exposed to multiple roles from fashion buyer to merchandiser and brand manager to visual merchandiser so that they can experience what the industry entails. It provided them with real-life experiences in merchandising, marketing and learning how to break even or earn profits if they become fashion entrepreneurs or brand owners in the future.

“Out of four stores, two of them sold all of their products! It was a great platform for the students to put their knowledge and skills into good use and learned to work as a team. However, there were some areas that can be further improved such as promotional skills and marketing tactics. Students have to learn to interact with their customers, promote their products well and even draw people to their stores when the traffic was slow.” said Raffles Creative Practitioner Anisa Johnny.

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