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India – Industrial Design is a discipline that concerns every human being on this planet, as we are surrounded by different type of goods that makes our daily life easy and convenient. Industrial designer develops aspects of a product that creates emotional connections with the user. They also create visually appealing designs that can stand the test of time and ensure that the product is ergonomically suited to fit the user.

So, if Industrial Design is a relevant discipline for every individual, then it’s not surprising that an international day is created to celebrate Industrial Designers and the discipline itself.

This initiative was globally introduced by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) and since few years ago Tata Elxsi has been taking the initiative to bring the celebration to India and more specifically to Bangalore. This year wasn’t any exception and in order to celebrate together, the Raffles Bangalore Product Design department received an invitation to join the event called “Connect-D”. Raffles Designers Aaron Philip, Divya Reddy, Kinari Doshi, Shobhith Sridhar and Uchit Mehta were sent to represent the school and they were accompanied with one of our Product Design Creative Practitioners to share ideas, knowledge and creativity.

The event started with a workshop/competition where the challenge was to create a series of products or a system to survive for 72 hours upon a flood disaster. 3 teams were formed by mixing students of 3 different colleges in order to get a rich mixture of backgrounds and ideas. Students worked as a team to generate interesting ideas and design concepts to solve the imaginary situation. Once they finished, their ideas were presented to the in-house designers of Tata Elxsi.

The workshop was fruitful and interesting but the fun wan not yet over, students and faculty got the chance to explore the installations of the company and know how one of the most important design studios in India works. From Transportation Design to System Design, UX and model making; students got a first-hand experience where they got inspired by talented designers, realising that in order to succeed they are required to work really hard and as part of an inter-disciplinary team.


Indeed, the event will keep the Raffles Designers inspired and alerted to the latest happenings, bridging the gap between academy and industry.

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