Light It Up! A Modern Twist To Formula One Car For 2014 Grand Prix Singapore By Raffles Designers

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Singapore – As part of the Grand Prix Singapore 2014, five Raffles Designers from Raffles Singapore’s Graphic Design and Product Design disciplines came together to create an impressive Formula One (F1) car using cardboard and fluorescent strips. The theme was to celebrate the people behind F1 Race in Singapore. The race car was also showcased to distinguished guests at the event.

This project was not an easy feat as it took one month to be completed. Bright neon strips were pasted on the car to reflect the vibrancy of the event and Singapore’s culture. It also represented the experience of the action from daytime to the night. Acrylic and LED panels were also mounted on the car to create an illusion of a fast-moving effect.


Led by Raffles Creative Practitioners, Terrence Chong and Hector Salazar, the team were awarded tickets to enjoy the exciting racing experience in appreciation of their effort.