Raffles Singapore Grooms Fashion Designer Anrini Polim

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Singapore – Anrini Polim, Raffles Fashion Design Alumnus is one of many successful designers groomed by Raffles Singapore. Anrini is now a boutique owner of her own fashion label, ANRINIPOLIM. Soon, she will be expanding to a ready-to-wear label for her next career milestone.

“Raffles provided me with a conducive learning environment that is fast paced and disciplinary, of no limitations to our creativity. It is this freedom and discipline that hone my creativity and groom me in becoming a better fashion designer.” said Anrini.

After her study at Raffles, Anrini did an industrial attachment with Marchesa, a brand specialising in high-end women’s wear. “The fashion industry is never easy. It is essential to always stay resilient and never give up. Your learning journey does not end after you have graduated as you have to constantly upgrade yourself throughout your career pathway. Read a lot and absorb new information like a sponge. Start as early as possible, have faith in your talent, stay persistent in face of rejections, and network as much as you can because you will never know what your connections can bring you down the road.” said Anrini.

Visit her boutique at:

Jl. Pluit Timur Raya
Jakarta Utara
Contact no.: 087885368920
Email address: info.anrinipolim@gmail.com