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INDONESIA – An amazing array of creative talent was once again showcased by Raffles Surabaya, this time at the Surabaya Fashion Week 2015, held at the Grand City Mall on the 10th of October, in celebration of the city’s 722nd anniversary.

As one of the largest cities in the country, Surabaya holds a crucial role in the development of Indonesia’s fashion industry – with the centrally-located Raffles Surabaya integral to the nurturing of these talent.

This year, students and lecturers alike presented their latest mini collections at the event, owning the catwalk as they showcased their characteristic individuality and unique, avant-garde collections.

Intrigued by the notion that most people are terrified of the concept of death, which typically evokes emotions like horror and sadness, Vania TEDJOKUMORO created her “In and Out to Love” Autumn/Winter collection to dispel these conventions. Taking inspiration from British artist Damien Hirst’s famous exhibition where he weaved 9,000 dead butterflies into beautiful artworks, Vania recreated the concepts of beauty and horror through her own unique aesthetics.

Similarly drawing on real-world concepts for inspiration, Felinda attempts to bring to life in her collection “Utopia” the very concept of Utopia – elegantly combining rigid lines with flexible curves, in an attempt to illustrate the unity that Utopia connotes.

Christina TANUJAYA on the other hand, would focus on a combination of neutral colours (nude and black) alongside that of maroon and gold, for her feminine, sexy and versatile collection “Accent de Aur”.
Reinforced by a complementary application of white lace, “Accent de Aur”, which translates to a “gold accent” draws inspiration from traditional Grecian Roman styles, and features a luxurious floral fabric gold that serves as the focal point of the collection.

Simple, elegant, practical and comfortable, her collection is woven together based off the premise of basic geometrical shapes (squares, rectangles, triangles and circles), and topped off with a sash at the waist. With creations such as a belted asymmetrical draped dress, column skirts and modified circular ruffle dresses, “Accent de Aur” exudes a sophisticated charm of sensuality and modernism.

Not to be outdone, Sari POETRONEGORO, a Creative Practitioner at Raffles Surabaya, also exhibited her latest collection, “Allegoria Della Primavera”, also known as Allegory of Spring. Inspired by Italian Renaissance painter Sandro Boticelli’s masterpiece ‘Primavera’, Sari’s collection utilises a combination of floral print fabric alongside elaborate chiffon and brocade manipulation, creating unique foliage-like details ala the original painting’s depiction of a flower welcoming spring.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the collection however, is of how despite a fun, mix-and-match concept in mind where each piece in the collection can be paired with any other for unique, individualistic styles – Sari still somehow manages to ensure a consistent display of elegance in each silhouette of her SS2016 collection.