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CHINA – 12 of Raffles Shanghai’s latest batch of outstanding designers recently got a valuable international platform to showcase their talents at the 2016SS Shanghai Fashion Week, held at the Shanghai Town & Country Community on the 16th of October.

Doubling up as the college’s graduate fashion show, Raffles Designers Moon (Zhao Yue’er) and Doris (Zhu Ying) would even bag the prestigious title of “Top Emerging Designers” for 2014 and 2015, awarded by iconic fashion magazine VOGUE Italy.

Inspired by works from the iconic Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, Moon’s collection ‘Girl In Front of the Mirror’ creates a strong, visually-arresting impact, through her featuring of bold colours and patterns.

Doris on the other hand, would cite Black architecture as the inspiration behind her collection, which through the powerful usage of black and grey tones, was aimed to showcase the beauty and power of the colour black.

1980’s hip-hop, gentle ink-styled collections and even Russian-infused themes were but some of the diverse array of collections showcased by the 12 talented Raffles Designers – highlighting once more the great emphasis paid by Raffles to expressing one’s individuality and the Raffles ethos of ‘Success by Design’.

Each collection would tell a unique story, creating for a thoroughly entertaining show full of surprises.

As a renowned incubator for top-notch creative talent, the Raffles graduate fashion show attracts signification attention from the media, entrepreneurs, cooperative enterprises and industry leaders each year, making it one of the prime events for spotting young, creative talent and the next big thing.